Kotu Creek

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Kotu Creek

This area is the best known area for bird watching. The creek can easily be reached, as it lies in the neighborhoud of some well know hotels such as Bakotu Hotel, Bongalo Beach Hotel and Badala Park Hotel. The area comprises two different habitats. First, the rice fields which are next to the hotels. Walking around the area for just two hours will offer you the sight of up to 80 species like Spoonbill, Ibis, Painted Snipe, Herons, Terns and many other sea birds migrating from Europe

Next to the Rice Fields

Second, there is the area next to the rice fields it is called the Nature Trail. We follow the Cycle Track and we will visit the Sawage ponds which are covered with mangrove forest, where you can watch many waders. Finally we will visi the Golf Course. You can have both morning or afternoon trip. For the morning trip the pickup time starts at 7.30 am. The afternoon trip starts at 3.30 pm.

Special birds

You will find here a lot of Gambian birds: Pied and Blue-breasted and Malachite Kingfisher, Egrets, White-faced Whistling Duck, Spur winged and Wattled Plover, Grey and Black-headed Heron, Black-winge Stilt, Green Wood Hoopoe, Grey , Red billed and Pied Hornbills, Grey and Fine Spotted and Golden Tailed Woodpeckers, Abyssinian, Broadbilled and Blue-bellied Rollers, Pearl Spotted Owlet, African Silverbill, Senega, Parrot, African Jacana, Greater painted Snipe and several Sunbirds and much more.

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