Lamin Rice Field

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Lamin Rice Field

It’s only 25 – 30 minutes drive away from the Senegambia hotel. Our special point of attention are today the Lamin Rice Fields just accross the road from Abuko National Park. This area of flooded pools, palms and allotment style small fields proved to be a very productive spot and and excellent introduction to the delights of Gambian birding. 

The Perfect Surrounding

You will find here the White Back Night Heron, Blue Cheecked Bee eater, Osprey, Ring Plover and Malachite Kingfisher and many more

Special birds

You will find here a lot of Gambian birds: Lizzard Buzzard, Hammerkop, African Darter, Hornbills,  Pied, African Grey and Red-billed, African Jacanas, Eagle-Eyed, Painted Snipe, Black Crake, Straited Heron, Western Reef Heron, White-crowned Plover, White -billed Buffalo Weavers, Senegal Parrots, Villae Weavers, Bronze Mannikins, Fork-tailed Drongo’s, Palm Nut Vulture, Giant Kingfisher, Blue-bellied Roller, Yellow-billed Shrikes, Little Bee-eaters, Grey-headed Sparrows, African Thrushes, Senegal Coucals and beautiful Sunbirds, Arican Mourning Dove, Red-eyed Dove, Vinaceous Dove, Black-billed Wood Dove and Blue-spotted Wood Dove, Grey Woodpecker and many more.

The Best Experience Ever

Babucarr Sanyang is a well trained professional birdguide and freelance official guide. Trained by the the government of The Gambia
and licensed by The Gambia Tourism Authority.
Babucarr has 17 years of working experience guiding tourists to
The Smiling Coast of West Afrika.
Babucarr SanYang
Professional Birdguide

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