Pirang Forest

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Pirang Forest

Pirang Forest National Park lies to the south east of Banjul Airport and north east of the village of Pirang and is easily accessed from the Southern highway. It is a small isolated forest of about 64 ha in extent, surrounded by a variety of habitats including extensive salt flats, mangroves and Phragmites parkia stands to the north, vegetables gardens to the West, Agricultural land to the east and south and a small community of people in the south. Even in the middle of the day the high gallery forest remains relativity cool and peaceful. Yellowbilled Leaflof 

An impressive example of gallery forest

Pirang Bonto Forest is the best and most impressive example of gallery forest in The Gambia. The combination of well-preserved forest and a wide range of habitats nearby means that many bird species can been seen. Green Turaco.

Birds in Pirang Forest

This includes many forest specialists with limited distributions including White-Spotted Flufftail, African Wood Owl, Western Little Sparrowhawk, Great Sparrowhawk, Ahanta Francolin, Green Turaco, Yellowbill, Buff-spotted Woodpecker, Red-shouldered Cuckoo Shrike, Little Greenbul, Swamp Palm Greenbul, Leaflove, Grey-headed Bristlebill, Yellow Breasted Apalis, Yellow-bellied Hyliota, Green Hylia, Collared Sunbird, Western Bluebill and Brown-necked Parrot. 

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